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Click To EnlargeTrainingPros had the pleasure to enlist the services of Business RadioX and the team of Stone Payton and Lee Kantor to produce a two-day interview program for TrainingPros at the Training 2012 conference in Atlanta.

RadioX conducted and produced nearly 50 interviews with learning and development leaders from across the country. The experience for both TrainingPros and the interviewees was exceptional.

Many of the interviewees were a bit nervous participating in an Internet radio program. Stone and Lee made the experience enjoyable for the interviewees by leading them through a series of questions and prompts that allowed the learning leaders to showcase their expertise in a comfortable setting.

The RadioX team was extremely easy to work with before, during and after the event. They were able to provide significant experience and guidance as we worked through the design of the program. RadioX helped us build in elements to the program that enriched the experience for our interviewees and made the event more impactful for TrainingPros as a marketing and relationship building event with our clients and prospects.

TrainingPros highly recommends Business RadioX and are planning on enlisting their services for future marketing programs. Call TrainingPros at 404.239.0414 for a personal testimonial.

Warm Regards,

Steve Kapaun | President